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Europe Vacations

A vacation in Europe takes you to majestic lands, where history comes alive before your eyes and scenic splendours greet you in every direction. Medieval castles loom majestically over fairytale villages. Picture-perfect mountains, valleys and harbors frame iconic cities and sites. Cultures, traditions and languages vary, but the warmth of local people embraces visitors wherever they wander.

When it comes to culture and sophistication, Europe sets the standard for the world. From the rolling vineyards in France, to the mystery of Venice's canals, to the soaring elegance of majestic Castles in Germany, Europe is packed with amazing places to see and things to do. Where else can you explore ancient ruins, gaze at a masterpiece by Michelangelo, and shop for cutting-edge fashions, all in a single morning? Come dinner time, there are more great experiences in store, whether you're sampling Spanish tapas or indulging in French haute cuisine. And when you're ready to get away from it all, you can do it in style with an escape to the Greek islands or the beaches of the Riviera.

"Brian and I would like to thank you for helping make our trip successful.

You and your company held up your end of the deal. Thanks. The Normandy tour was spectacular. Had a fun young tour guide that was thorough. When he dropped us off at our hotel he programmed our gps so we could make our way to the airport terminal.

Certainly enjoyed the bus trip. Iceland was remarkable, loved the Blue Lagoon. Accommodations,restaurant and staff there made our stay memorable.

Wouldn't change anything. Had an amazing bus driver and tour guide. We look forward to working with you Michelle when we do our next adventure".

- Jennifer and Brian