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Caribbean Cruises

Cue the calypso music and cruise to the Caribbean. Book your Caribbean cruise and climb aboard award-winning ships sailing these crystal blue waters. Choose from first class ships, with convenient departure ports, and itineraries that offer island time in paradise for Southern, Eastern and Western Caribbean Cruises. Let Newwest Travel’s experienced travel consultants navigate the choices and flexibility that come with a dream cruise vacation.

Why Cruise the Caribbean?

Savor the Variety 

One of the magical aspects of the Caribbean is how each different island has its own special history, culture, attractions and cuisine.  From the beautifully restored colonial village of Old San Juan to the French chic of St. Barts to the 365 different empty beaches of Antigua, a cruise allows you to experience the fascinating variety of the Caribbean in a single easy vacation.

Floating Resorts

While a resort on one island provides a delightful vacation, it’s still just one island. A cruise ship is your floating resort—filled with five-star service and exquisite cuisine—that takes you to several islands more elegantly and easier, where you can encounter more cultures, more adventures and more fun.

See Islands Approaching 

Nothing compares to sitting on your balcony, watching a screensaver-worthy island come slowly into view.

So Much Included 

Your cruise fare includes onboard meals, entertainment, activities and much more. Some cruise lines even include shore excursions and alcoholic beverages.

So Many Options 

You have a multitude of options every second you’re onboard—from different restaurants (buffet, Italian bistro, steak house) and bars (jazz, piano, karaoke) to performances (Broadway, comedy, acrobats) and activities (shopping, ice-skating, sun-bathing)—giving you the ability to customize your cruise to perfectly fit your interests and activity level.

So Easy 

A cruise vacation is a safe and hassle-free way to experience the world’s most fascinating destinations. Shore excursions with licensed and insured travel providers make it easy for you to step off the ship and into the port’s history and culture.

So Many New Friends 

There are plenty of places onboard for you to escape for some personal time, but why would you? A cruise ship is filled with fascinating, like-minded world-travelers like yourself, making it a breeze to make new, life-long friends.