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Travel Agent Business Success Stories

There are a variety of ways that our agents make our travel agent training program work for them. Some work full-time, as their main source of income; while others work fewer hours and focus on enjoying the flexibility and fun travel opportunities their part-time incomes allow. Regardless of why our agents decide to enroll or how many hours they choose to devote to their businesses, there’s an equal amount of potential for success.

Every day we hear from travel agents who, in the process of following their passion for travel, have expanded both their travel knowledge and personal incomes. We have heard about so many different travel agent experiences over the past decade…and our collection of success stories only keeps on growing!


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"I have been a travel consultant with Newwest Travel for 5 years.
I try to stay current with the changing times. I believe in training and have completed Avalon Waterways Specialist Program, Globus & Cosmos Tour Expert Program, Certificate of Completion on the Hawaiian Islands, Completion  Certificate  Viking River Cruises and many more
I also try to take familiarization trips to see the destinations and hotels, so that I can let my clients know as much about the hotels as I can.
Newwest Travel has been invaluable to me. The front office are most helpful and take the time to explain things."
- Carol Neary
Newwest Travel Outside Associate



Here's how one outside associate wedding planner increased her business by joining Newwest Travel

"Newwest Travel has been a invaluable addition to my wedding planning business since 2012.  Without Newwest Travel as a supportive partner, Something Azul Destination Weddings & Travel wouldn’t exist.  I highly recommend Newwest Travel if your searching for a flexible host agency that offers great support to it’s agents.  Thank you to all the staff at Newwest Travel for supporting my dreams".  
-Chelsea Landaverde
Something Azul Destination Weddings & Travel
"I could not be happier with my choice to make Newwest Travel my host agency. I truly feel like they care about my success. Not only do they have a dedicated Outside Associate manager there to assist you with all your training/product needs, they also have a Marketing manager to help with the marketing aspects of your business. Everyone at Newwest Travel has helped me so much in the beginning stages of my business and I can’t wait to see what the future holds"!
-Kara Duncan