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Top 10 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

1. It's Free!

A travel agent's commission is already built into the price your are paying. When you book your vacation directly with a resort, tour company or cruise line, you are paying for the services of a travel agent, regardless is you use one or not!
While we do charge a service fee for some bookings (mainly domestic flights), they are very reasonable and in line with fees you would pay for using a professional service.


2. It Saves You Time

Who couldn't use more time these days? Travel agents will do the research for you! No need to join 15 email blasts lists or surf 5 different websites to find the best deals. Use that extra time to start planning your execution on your next holiday!

3. Maximizes Your Budget

Travel Agents will find the best prices and will even price match online booking engines! We can also see when the most budget friendly time of the month is to travel with a quick glance during our search.

4. Choices

Travel agents can offer you choices, prices and properties you may never seen online!

5. Guidance

Travel agents can advise you which properties are undergoing renovation, properties that are truly family friends and which properties have the best food, amenities, location and so much more.

6. Less Stress

Plan and travel knowing there is someone who you can call or email in the event of a delay, cancellation, lost luggage or other unforeseen circumstance. Have you ever been responsible for planning a group getaway? A travel agent has access to group rates through all of our travel suppliers!

7. Travel Knowledge

Travel agents frequently attend seminars and trainings to keep a pulse on travel industry changes and trends. Many have visited properties themselves and can give a first hand point of view!

8. Personal Service

Travel documentation, travel insurance, passports, visas. Your dedicated travel agent will make sure you have everything you need before you step foot into an airport. Travel agents are real people and real voices!

9. Perks

Do you want a private dinner on the beach? A special delivery to your room before you arrive. Travel agents will take care of all the details prior to your departure.

10. Buying Power

Because we buy in bulk, travel agencies have access to exclusive pricing and amenities you as an individual buyer may not find on a travel website!