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Tips For Airport Security + Updated Prohibited Items List

Tips For Airport Security + Updated Prohibited Items List

If stress-free airport screening is on your wish list this winter, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has some tips to help you and your family breeze through security.
You'll also want to learn more about the Government of Canada updates to the Prohibited Items for your carry on luggage.
1. Liquids, Non-solid Food & Personal Items - Liquids, gels and aerosols in containers over 100 mL must be packed in checked baggage. Amounts equal or les than this can be packed in carry-on baggage as long as they fit in a one-litre clear and resealable plastic bag (one bag per passenger). These restrictions apply to personal products, beverages and non-solid foods like peanut butter, maple syrup, yogurt and pudding. Beverages and food for children under the age of two, such as milk, formula, juice and purées, are exempt from the restrictions. These items need to be inspected separately so pack them where they can be easily removed from your carry-on. Avoid packing gifts and souvenirs containing liquids, aerosols and gels in your carry-on. These include: liquor, wine, beer, snowglobes, cans of condensed soup, maple syrup, perfume, and lotion. Put them in checked baggage or ship them separately.
2. Keep all electronics in your carry-on - Laptops, smart phones, tablets and handheld video games are an easy way to keep your children occupied at the airport and on the plane. Leave these devices in your carry-on bag and put your bag in the bin for screening. Make sure they are charged or turned on and that any protective cases can be easily removed if additional screening is required.
3. Choose easy-to-remove outerwear - Make sure that your jackets, hats and mittens can be easily removed so these items can be quickly placed in the bins for screening.
4. Look for the family/special needs lane. This screening lane can accommodate larger items, such as strollers and car seats. Screening officers stationed here can provide additional help if your family requires assistance. Have all family members' boarding passes ready for inspection.
5. Leave gifts unwrapped. If you're travelling with presents, leave them unwrapped in case they need to be inspected. During the holiday season, some airports even offer a present wrapping stations after you clear security.


Transport Canada to amend Prohibited Items List for Air Passengers

November 6, 2017                     Ottawa, Ontario           
From visiting friends and family, to getting goods to market, Canadians, tourists and businesses rely on Canada’s safe and secure aviation system. Adjustments to screening procedures are necessary from time to time to reflect changes in the security environment and to harmonize with international standards and partner countries. Transport Canada is amending its Prohibited Items List for passengers on all domestic and international flights.
Effective November 27, 2017, Transport Canada will prohibit certain powders and granular material with a volume of 350 ml (the size of a soda can) or more in all carry-on baggage in Canada. These items will still be allowed in checked baggage. Prohibited material includes items such as bath salts, sea salt, baby powder, foot powder, cooking powder and sand. Items such as baby formula, protein powder, tea and coffee will still be permitted in any quantity.
Consistent with international practice, Transport Canada will also amend the list so that very small knife blades (6 cm or less—about the size of a large paper clip) will not be prohibited on domestic or international flights. To respect our security screening agreement with the United States, knife blades of any length will remain prohibited on flights to the United States through preclearance facilities. Razor blades and box cutters of any size will remain prohibited at all screening checkpoints.

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